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It is never too late make fiber leaves, stems and flowers for outdoor gardens in your world. Below you’ll find fun tips and tutorials from the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh.

Best dates to plant: Early February, 2016

Gardens will bloom: February – March, 2016

Gardening Materials

Flowers, leaves and stems can be made from Colorful Acrylic Yarn, or Plarn. Acrylic yarn might come from previous projects, individual stash, unraveled from a sweater or afghan, or bought cheaply from Creative ReUse or a thrift store. Plarn can be made from colorful plastic bags, or plastic table covers. Wire can be used to create pre-formed frames, or to wire completed components or to attach flowers to stems. Wire can be found at the hardware store, and 14 or 16 gauge is easiest to work with. Other materials that might be used: Coat hangers; Adhesive Plant Support Tape, or other tape appropriate for outdoor use, if necessary; Colored rope or twine; Green hose; Bird netting; Deer fencing; Chicken wire; andPipe cleaners.

Garden Tending Tips

Gardens should be checked daily for damage. Repair or remove flowers, leaves, and stems as necessary. Keep your garden clean. Garden locations should be left pristine when installation is removed. Plan for distribution of all materials after the de-installation; Decide where you will put the flowers after the installation is finished.

Past Garden Installations

Video Tutorials for a Great Garden

Stem Ideas

  • Braided Yarn
  • Crocheted from yarn or plastic
  • Twisted plastic bags
  • Colored rope
  • Green Hose
  • Sticks

Design Your Own Garden

The Fiberarts Guild strongly encourages you to partner with your local library and be a part of the official Pop des Fleurs garden sites. Click on the images below to check out our Pinterest page for inspiration! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on social media and post your creations using #popdesfleurs. We can’t wait to see glorious gardens at local libraries all over Pittsburgh this winter!

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